About the blue line speaks

The Blue Line Speaks gives a voice to Police Officers involved in critical incidents. These incidents are often life threatening or life altering with after effects that linger.
The Blue Line Speaks provides officers a platform and the freedom to share their stories on overcoming dangerous situations and as well as their stories of surviving the after-math.
The officers affected need to know they are not alone and will always have a supportive outlet.

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Through this program, and because of your donations, the Badge of Honor is also educating the community to better understand what officers deal with every day in service to their communities. 

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The Blue Line Speaks: Joe's Story

Joe is a veteran Deputy Sheriff with the Niagara County Sheriff's Office. He responded to a 911 hang up call, which he and many other officers routinely respond to. Joe quickly learned there was nothing routine about this call.

Feet away from an elementary school, Joe found himself in a gun battle with a deranged, mentally ill suspect. Joe’s will to survive and protect others in the area, including the children in the school, is a miraculous story of heroism and strength.

This is Joe’s opportunity to share his story, and struggle. We recognize the severity of the mental and physical trauma that critical incidents cause. The Blue Line Speaks program helps Officer’s dealing with the after-effects of these incidents and connects Officers with peers.

The blue line speaks: Branden's Story

This is Branden’s story of how he had to make a split second decision and was forced to shoot a suspect who was endangering himself, his partner, and crowds of people.

Due to the injuries sustained, Branden had to ultimately retire early. Brandon now mentors Officers who are dealing with the after-effects of being involved in critical incidents.

The blue line speaks: jim's story

This is Jim's story of struggle, survival and what called him to serve as an advocate for Police Officers, with the Badge of Honor Association. Jim found himself in a life or death situation that lasted 90 seconds, but felt more like an eternity. Jim, although injured, went home that fateful day.

The blue line speaks: John's story

When John responded to a 911 call, he had no idea it would change his life in just 13 short seconds. Confronted by an armed suspect who refused to put his gun down, John was forced to shoot, and kill the suspect. John survived that day, but the traumatic experience, engrained in his mind, is a struggle he has had to learn to live with. Hear John's story, through the Blue Line Speaks.