2017 Policeman's Ball General Information

The Badge of Honor Association is proud to announce the date and location for the annual 2017 Policeman's Ball has been determined. The ball will take place on Saturday, May 20th at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center. Save the date and stay tuned for more information as the date comes closer.


2017 Policeman's Ball Sponsor Information 

The Badge of Honor Association focuses on raising money for the families of police officers in the event of a line of duty death. The Association also supports officers involved in critical or serious incidents while on duty. When you Support the Blue for BOHA, we are able to accomplish our mission as follows:

  • To provide assistance to law enforcement officials and their families when such needs arise
  • To support the children of fallen law enforcement officers through scholarship grants 
  • To support meaningful programs for fallen law enforcement officers’ surviving families
  • Recognize the noteworthy contributions and posthumously memorialize the lives of law enforcement professionals
  • To foster and encourage cooperation among law enforcement agencies, affiliated organizations, the business community, and the public, by sponsoring annual events.
  • Enrich the public’s awareness, understanding and appreciation for contributions made by the law enforcement sector.

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