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It all started when…

Founded in 2007 by Rochester Police Officer Justin Collins, BOHA has been working to fill a much-needed void within the law enforcement community regarding critical incidents by making sure Officers involved in critical incidents know they are not alone.  

Over the past 10 years the Badge of Honor Association (BOHA) has been on a mission to unite the law enforcement community. To date, the volunteer organization has raised over $200,000 for law enforcement involved in critical incidents and the children of fallen officers, implemented more than 25 benefit events, and erected more than 100 memorials signs honoring fallen officers. 

With the profession under attack, both in the streets and in the media, BOHA is needed today more than ever because there are still men and women who put their lives on the line every day protecting the communities that we live in.  BOHA provides much needed support for officers who are involved in critical incidents by donating financially to officers involved in critical incidents as well as provides a network of support that brings awareness, counseling, education and recognition to the officers involved. Additionally, BOHA provides gift certificates, weekend get-aways, and other methods to assist the officer and their family during the difficult time.