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justin collins - Chief Executive Officer / Chairman 

Justin  Collins  serves  as  Chief  Executive  Officer  of  Badge  of  Honor  Association (BOHA).  

He  brings  14  years  of  active  law  enforcement  experience.  In  this  position,  Justin oversees  day-to-day  operations  and  works  with  the  executive  team  to  set  and implement  the  organization’s  strategic  vision.  He  is  responsible  for  ensuring  Badge  of Honor’s  free,  direct  programs  and  services  continue  to  have  the  greatest  possible impact  on  officers,  caregivers,  and  families  we  serve.     

When  our  police  officers  return  home  from  being  involved  in  critical  incident,  they  rely  on  Badge  of  Honor  and  the  organization’s  dedicated  team  to  provide  necessary  physical  and  mental  health  services,  as  well  as  economic  empowerment  and  engagement  programs,͟ says  Collins  ͞Being  part  of  an  organization  committed  to  this  important  mission  is  a  sacred  duty  and  solemn  responsibility.͟

Justin  is  the  founder  of  the  Badge  of  Honor  and  for  the  first  decade  he  has  overseen  all  of  the  organization’s  development,  outreach  programs,  marketing  and  volunteer  recruitment.  Justin  is  also  a  Sergeant  with  the  Rochester  Police  Department.  He  has  spent  14  years  with  the  Rochester  Police  Department  in  both  unique  and  challenging  positions. 

 Justin’s  continued  dedication  to  the  police  brotherhood  and  communities  they  serve  has  resulted  in  him  receiving  numerous  awards.  With  the  Rochester  Police  department,  Justin  has  received  11  Excellent  Police  Officer  awards  and  was  named  Officer  of  the  Month  four  times.  In  addition,  Justin  has  been  honored  by  his  department  for  leadership  with  Dr.  Samuel  Macree  award  for  leadership  and  community  service.  Just  has  also  been  honored  by  numerous  community  group  to  include  the  Rochester  Rotary  Henry  Jensen  award  for  leadership  and  community  engagement  and  most  recently,  in  the  spring  of  2016,  Justin  received  the  ESL  Jefferson  award  for  leadership. 

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Gina bamonti - COO / Chief of staff

As  Chief  Program  Director/Chief  of  Staff  for  the  Badge  of  Honor  Association,  Gina Bamonti  is  responsible  for  leading  the  operations,  marketing/communications, development,  and  membership  teams  as  they  work  to  fulfill  the  mission  and  purpose of  the  Badge  of  Honor  Association.  

Gina  provides  strategic  direction,  management,  and  implementation  for  Badge  of Honor’s  programming  and  events.    In  addition,  she  works  directly  with  the  chief executive  officer  (CEO)  to  ensure  effective  and  efficient  relationships  with  internal  and external  stakeholders  developed  and  strengthened  over  time.    

Through  the  years,  Gina  has  led  the  way  in  creating  several  new  programs  and business  teams  since  joining  Badge  of  Honor  in  2016.  Before  taking  on  her  current position,  Gina  led  the  marketing,  strategy  and  innovation  team,  overseeing  the  creation programs  and  development  of  business  analytics  and  outcome  measurements.  

Prior  to  this,  she  led  the  economic  empowerment  team,  focusing  on  programs  for Badge  of  Honor  Officers  and  their  families.  In  addition  to  her  to  duties  with  Badge  of Honor,  Gina  is  the  Regional  Marketing  Manager  for  Toshiba  Business  Solutions.   Gina graduated  from  the  Rochester  Institute  of  Technology  (2017),  with  her  Executive  MBA and  resides  in  Rochester,  NY.   

Brandon Bartl - CFO

Brandon  Bartl  is  the  Chief  Financial  Officer  for  the  Badge  of  Honor  Association.  He  is responsible  for  overseeing  all  financial  decisions  of  the  organization  and  ensuring  there is  proper  funding  for  all  Badge  of  Honor  Association.    

He    is  the  Assistant  Controller  for  H&C  Tool  Supply  Corp.,  a  Rochester-based  wholesale distributor  of  metalworking  tools  and  fasteners  to  manufacturers.  Previously,  Brandon was  head  of  finance  for  his  family-owned  manufacturing  business,  before  guiding  the company  through  an  acquisition  and  sale.

Brandon  is  also  founder  of  TimberBrook  Capital  &  Co.,  LLC,  a  private  investment  fund manager.  Having  graduated  Summa  Cum  Laude  from  Rochester  Institute  of  Technology's Saunders  College  of  Business  with  a  Bachelor  of  Science  in  Finance.

 A  strong  supporter  of  law  enforcement  throughout  his  life,  Brandon  enjoys  using  his  skills  in  pursuit  of  initiatives  that  provide  aid  when  needed  to  those  placing  their  lives  on  the  line  every  day  to  protect  the  community.    Outside  of  work,  Brandon  enjoys  playing  tennis,  golf  and  platform  tennis,  staying  active,  and  spending  time  on  the  water  boating.