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Justin Collins

Justin  serves  as  Chief  Executive  Officer  of  Badge  of  Honor  Association.  He  brings  14  years  of  active  law  enforcement  experience  to  his  role.  In  this  position,  Justin  oversees  day-to-day  operations  and  works  with  the  executive  team  to  set  and  implement  the  organization’s  strategic  vision.  He  is  responsible  for  ensuring  that  Badge  of  Honor’s  free,  direct  programs  and  services  continue  to  have  the  greatest  impact  possible  on  officers  and  their  families.  

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Officer Antonio Gonzalez

Tony has served on the Badge Of Honor’s Board of Director’s as Treasurer for the past decade. Tony  Gonzalez  is  a  2nd generation  Police  Officer  and  has  been  with  the  Rochester  Police  Department  for  the  past  17  years.    During  his  career  Tony  has  been  recognized  with  numerous  Excellent  Police  Service  awards  and  Chiefs  letters  of  commendation.  Tony  has  also  been  top  5  finalist  for  the  Rochester  Police  Department’s  Officer  of  the  Year  award . 

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mark Davitt

Mark has been with the Badge of Honor for the past 3 years and we are honored to have his support for law enforcement. Mark  is  the  Founding  President of  ConServe,  a  company  focused  on  accounts receivables  management,  for  over  30  years.  Mark has  been  active  serving  the  ACA,  The  Association  of  Credit  and  Collection  Professionals.  He  was  inducted  as  a  member  to  the  Rochester  Business  Hall  of  Fame  in  2015.  Mark  and  ConServe  were  recently honored  with  the  National  Philanthropy  Day  Award  for  Outstanding  Corporation.  


John love

John  has  been  a  supporter  of  the  Badge  of Honor  Association  for  the  past  three  years, acting as  a  major  sponsor  of  the  "We  Honor,  Do  You" campaign  and  Badge’s  of  Honor’s  plan  to expand across  Western  and  Central  New  York  in  2015.  John is the managing Partner of Bob Johnson Chevrolet, Websmart Auto and Bob Johnson Nissan, the largest Chevy dealership in the county. Bob Johnson  Chevrolet  has  donated financially  to  the annual  Policeman’s  Ball  for  the past  three  years, and  was  the  title Sponsor in 2017. 


Sean Fico

Sean  is  a  Rochester  native  with  an  entrepreneurial  spirit  that  drove  him  to  start  his  first  company,  A.P.  Enterprises  Property  Services  in  1990.  Starting  with  just  one  plow  truck,  Sean  has  grown  AP  beyond  expectations  and  now  operates  a  fleet  of  over  200  pieces,  being  the  largest  snow  fighting  fleet  in  Upstate  New  York.  Sean  didn’t  stop  there,  as  he  is  also  the  founder  and  CEO  of  Timothy  Lane  Industrial  Park,  Fico  Properties,  Danibella  Corporation,  and  Fico  Development;  all  located  and  founded  in  Rochester,  NY.